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What began as an after-hours passion for digital assets and blockchain turned into a crypto-focused registered investment advisor built around personalized client relationships and differentiated strategies.

In 2021, Boomer Saraga left his traditional investment banking job with Truist Securities and founded Khelp. The move was in response to a clear industry trend: An explosive demand for digital asset education, advice, and investment solutions. 


"As a digital native and early cryptocurrency adopter, I recognized that not everyone had the technical blockchain knowledge or financial literacy to enter the market. I stepped into that gap to connect traditional investors with high-quality digital asset investment opportunities."

Prior to founding Khelp, Boomer spent three years with Truist Securities, covering capital markets and investment banking. He has over six years of experience in digital asset research and specializes in decentralized finance solutions, with a focus on Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible networks and the Solana ecosystem. 


Boomer earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Tufts University. He has Series 7, 63, 65, and 79 licenses.



Khelp’s name is a blend of kelp + help. The name is inspired by the dynamic, high-growth ecosystem of kelp forests and a goal of helping clients leverage digital assets.

Khelp aims to be a bridge between traditional finance and digital assets and to provide an abundant, supportive ecosystem that empowers clients to reach their financial goals.


Why clients choose Khelp


As an early beta user and community participant to some of the industry's leading projects, Khelp has a deep understanding of the evolution of blockchain, protocols, and decentralized applications. 

Fundamentals-Based Approach

Rigorous due diligence on new technologies and investment opportunities; investment decisions are evidence-based and data-driven using both on-chain analysis and traditional valuation themes.


Khelp empowers investors of all experience levels through education and industry insights, creating a high-touch, education-oriented client relationship.

Let’s get to know each other.

Set up a call, digest insightful crypto education, or check out Khelp on Linkedin for more information
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