Khelp's Mako Fund wins AYU Pitch-Off Competition

AYU, a global private members club for hedge funds, family offices and institutional investors, hosted the Digital Asset Funds Conference on 9/15 as apart of New York City's broader Hedge Fund Week. One of the signature events of the conference includes the AYU Pitch-Off, where six varying hedge fund managers compete and pitch their respective funds to a panel of four judges, including allocators from premier digital asset allocators around the world.

Managers are alloted six minutes to present and must service six minutes of Q/A from the panel.

Ultimately, Khelp's Liquid DeFi Yield Fund ("the Mako Fund") was deemed the 2022 winner of the AYU Pitch-Off Competition!

CEO, Boomer Saraga, pitches the Mako Fund at the 2022 AYU Pitch-Off Competition

About Khelp

Khelp provides professional digital asset management and advisory services, offering tailored cryptocurrency asset management with a focus on DeFi. Its fundamental-based digital asset research integrated with established portfolio construction techniques uniquely positions the firm to help clients bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging field of digital assets.