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Investment solutions
for the digital age

Leverage Khelp’s DeFi funds, digital asset portfolios,
and turn-key asset management.

DeFi Funds

For investment professionals and accredited investors

Digital Asset Portfolios

For individual investors

Digital Asset Portfolios

For investment advisors

Khelp DeFi Funds

Take advantage of yield-bearing opportunities in decentralized finance.

Optimize your digital asset investments with Khelp’s actively managed, yield-oriented funds. Our investment approach uses DeFi products and other yield sources to provide income, while partnering with institutional-grade custody and infrastructure partners to provide security and transparency.

Fund Selection

Khelp DeFi Yield Fund

The Mako Fund invests in select native coins and alternative tokens, with an emphasis on high-performing blockchain networks and DeFi protocols.  


The fund uses DeFi strategies that include staking solutions, liquidity pools, and lending vaults to maximize yield in addition to seeking capital appreciation.

Khelp Stablecoin Income Fund

The Dorsal Fund combines the income opportunities of DeFi with the price stability of dollar-based assets. The fund employs stablecoins and market-neutral strategies to capture yield opportunities across the digital asset and DeFi landscape. 


The fund aims to generate consistent yield with limited volatility.

DeFi Funs

Digital Asset Portfolios


For Individual Investors

Personalized digital asset management with access to an extensive list of coins and tokens.

Choose between actively managed investment strategies or define a bespoke investment portfolio based on your needs and goals. If you’re curious to learn more, we will educate you along the way.


For Investment Advisors

White label, turn-key asset management with a digital asset infrastructure in place.

Provide your clients with access to themed, actively managed strategies. Khelp has institutional-grade infrastructure and reporting capabilities in place. We will work with you to define the strategies that best match your clients’ needs.

Digia Asset Portfolos
Investmen Advisors

We are digital natives with traditional finance backgrounds.

Let’s get to know each other.

We blend deep cryptocurrency and DeFi experience with a client-centric and relationship-based approach.

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