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(DeFi Series) Liquidity Providing

Liquidity Providing involves supplying coins/tokens to a pool of assets, which can then be used to faciliate trading or lending. In this video, we explore decentralized market making, which provides traders with the necessary liquidity to execute trades.

Liquidity Pools are considered the foundation for almost all decentralized exchanges ("DEXs"), and play an essential role in the construction of the Automated Market Maker ("AMM").

We dive into how these DEXs function, why they're innovative, and where their inefficiencies lie.

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About Khelp

Khelp provides professional digital asset management and advisory services, offering tailored cryptocurrency asset management with a focus on DeFi. Its fundamental-based digital asset research integrated with established portfolio construction techniques uniquely positions the firm to help clients bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging field of digital assets.


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